Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello Goodbye 2010

Hey Awesome People!
So..its almost the end of the year twenty ten.
A lot of things happened and it must be a good journey and experience though.
Well for us we've been through a lot. Yes...12 months of learning process. Sometimes we're in hell, return back to the earth and sometimes we fly to heaven.. ( woaa ! )

The team is getting mature and we're still having fun! Lots of fun!
Meeting new people,..a good one and one hell of a kind. Yeah..bad people is almost everywhere and beware of those culprits.

Since we are still new with what we are doing, we came across good experience and of course we do learn from it. We're turning 2 years now and we are still surviving. ( Thank God )

Ok This is preaching session..for 2010..
Some people do business is for money and want get rich and richer everyday..
So what happen when you have more money everyday when you lose your happiness?
For those people...Go and dig more hill, chop more trees and kill innocent animals.
And please..lie and manupulate others( the innocent one ) for you to get what you look for.
But remember...everything you do always come back to you.
Well.. we are not referring this to anyone..just a reminder and just a simple thought for us to share..ok done!

OK! 2010! Thank You for the journey and we shall meet the awesome fans in the next event.2011!
We are going to produce a better product, made by us 100% handmade and 100% from the heart!
Because you deserve to enjoy it.
Because we are sharing the same resources
Because we are who we are.
Because everyone is awesome.

Again! Happy New Year and hope 2011 is going to be awesome year..
Please recycle and eat more chocolates!

Take care and cheers!

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